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Security and connectivity simplified.

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is a category of “as a service” or “cloud” delivery mechanisms for enterprise communications. With UCaaS, unified communications services can be made available from the cloud to businesses from SMB to enterprise.

While the majority of features are included in standard packages, enhanced services and features can be easily added or removed on an as-needed basis

  • Voice/Video and telephony, including mobility (smartphone, tablet, mac/pc)
  • No more licensing/maintenance costs, no vendor lock in for hardware
  • Simplify deployment and maintenance, enjoy unfettered expandability & flexibility
  • Voice/video/chat and group collaboration
  • Meeting solutions – audio conferencing, video conferencing and web conferencing
  • Enhanced services and features
    • Call center for skills-based routing
    • Analytics for Voice, CRM and Surveys give you a more complete picture of your interactions and help you better service your customers
    • Call recording for all calls or selectively. These are included in reports and can flag phrases.
    • IVR can be used for call routing decisions (regional/zip code), CRM/database integration with customer contacts
    • IVR can call or SMS your customers for appointment reminders, shipping information etc.
    • Integrated virtual receptionist, great for small and medium businesses who want a live receptionist to answer and direct calls without hiring a full-time employee

With current advances in AI and automation these tools can greatly enhances the effectiveness of each call center agent.

Reducing workload on each individual while providing as much relevant information to each agent as well as detailed reporting to supervisors.

  • Omnichannel – integrate email, chat, social media, e-commerce & voice
  • Voice recognition: Tag certain words/phrases for immediate notification
  • AI detailed alerts & automated reporting on tone/sentiment of conversations/chat
    • Was it pleasant? Is the caller frustrated? Should a supervisor step in?
    • Automatic escalation can be made based on sentiment before an agent opens a message
  • AI Automated scheduling of agents work/break schedules
  • Tools enable managers and supervisors to have greater agent retention
    • Detailed reporting on agent performance and effectiveness
    • Tools for positive reinforcement like gamification

For those that still want to retain full control over their communications. Solutions supporting between 50-2000 users. Hybrid solutions can mix with SIP trunking for even more resiliency.

Industries like health care, skilled nursing, hospitals, research or any organization that has a high user/trunk ratio are prime candidates.

We provide specialized software like nurse call systems that integrate with the hybrid solutions to help you get that 5 star rating.

  • Voice/Video and telephony, including mobility (smartphone, tablet, mac/pc)
  • Mix trunking options, with existing TDM services while adding IP services
  • Built-in redundancy and multi-site
  • Voice/video/chat and group collaboration
  • Nurse call solution (please see use cases for more info)
    • Better workflow management, better care, happier residents, and decreased expenditures
    • Speeds up response time by prioritizing alarms based on instant feedback, improve quality of care
    • Automatic escalation (including offsite notification)
    • Reporting for performance evaluation, real-time graphs and historical reports
  • Conferencing/AV rooms for any size or situation

The backbone of any communications infrastructure. Even with the proliferation of wireless technology, they have to be connected to a cable infrastructure.

Wireless access points, cameras, access control and AV infrastructure all need structured cabling properly implemented.

  • Cat5e, Cat6/6A, Multimode and Single-mode fiber
  • AV solutions and automation
  • Access control and IP surveillance systems– HD cameras have been a big motivator to upgrade
  • Main subsystems of structured cabling
    • Entrance facilities- Network demarcation and ingress point to the building
    • Equipment Rooms- Environmentally controlled rooms for servers, firewalls, routing and switching equipment
    • Backbone cabling- Interconnecting equipment rooms, access provider (AP) spaces and entrance facilities
    • Horizontal cabling- From the equipment rooms/switching equipment to the desktop or workstations


Dedicated Fiber, EoC, MPLS services are crucial to the enterprise and often supplemented or backed up with broadband (fiber or cable), fixed wireless or 4g LTE.

These combined with the proper implementation of SD-WAN can greatly increase performance, uptime while reducing complexity for the IT staff and providing them with live, detailed reports.

These services allow your IT staff to focus on the increased demands of the ever increasingly connected workplace.

  • SD-WAN– Software Defined, virtualization of the network. We can provide WAN connectivity or ride over the top of existing connections
    • Combine multiple dedicated services (Fiber, MPLS, EOC) and even broadband and wireless into seamless, reliable connection. Leverage their strengths and flexibility
    • Distributed security with centralized management- all from a single management interface enabling the network admins and security architects to work together towards to same business goal.
    • With ever increasing cloud usage, per application prioritization ensures real-time services aren’t affected by less important traffic
      • WAN optimization is still very key to application performance. In a world with unlimited and inexpensive bandwidth, why do enterprises still need WAN Optimization? One word- latency.
      • Applications are getting smarter and lighter, but heavy data-sets still need to be uploaded and downloaded often to locations far from the source. WAN Optimization works hand-in-hand with SD-WAN to achieve the same goal- superior application performance for the end user. A complete SD-WAN solution should have WAN Optimization built-in.
    • Automatic connectivity/VPN between all sites
    • Features like packet parity and packet duplication can make up for packet loss
    • Monitoring or links for quality, a degraded or dropped link won’t even drop a call or connection in progress
    • Summaries or detailed reporting of connection quality

Cyber Security

SECaaS (Security as a service) is a business model in which a service provider integrates their security services into a corporate infrastructure on a subscription basis more cost effectively than most individuals or corporations can provide on their own, when total cost of ownership is considered.

With a footprint in 96 countries, our SECaaS can either layered into an SD-WAN solution or provided standalone. We work with your IT staff to customize a solution that best fits your needs so that they can focus on their many other tasks.

  • Cyber Security– We can provide free penetration tests to assess current measures, database security assessments are also available.
  • There are ever increasing demands for security upon IT and on their budget
  • Average cost of a breach is $4,000,000. Some take years to recover from, some are never recoverable
  • Existing firewalls can be used for live threat monitoring service, threats are classified as an anomaly/potential, immediate or active threat
    • These can either be used to alert IT staff as to the vulnerability and the resolution or it can be taken care of for you
    • All monitoring is compared against live, active attacks and attempts worldwide
  • Ethical hackers can periodically test for vulnerabilities and when they gain access, report on vulnerability and resolution
  • PCI/HIPAA compliance and assessments


Consultation – We take a holistic approach to your concerns, your needs and your solutions.
Coordination – We work closely with the IT department to come up with a plan that works, as well as a realistic timeline for execution.
Implementation – With a plan in place, we ensure all pieces are lined up and the established timeline is followed.
Management – After implementation, we follow through and make any adjustments necessary to ensure your satisfaction. 
Coming from a background in communications at Pacific Bell and later AT&T, Cecil started his own interconnect business in 1986, focusing on PBX’s and cabling.
Over the years we have had to constantly adapt to this ever changing landscape. This extended into: VoIP (since 2002), IP infrastructure, surveillance/AV, WAN connectivity and managed Security as a service.
Our longevity speaks to our adaptability.
With the experience we’ve had, we are often called in to assist other vendors. So if you have a particularly difficult or complex situation, we can either be pulled in to consult or be contracted to resolve the issue for you.




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