About EP Pro

Coming from a background in communications at Pacific Bell and later AT&T, Cecil started his own interconnect business in 1986, focusing on PBX’s and cabling.

Over the years we have had to constantly adapt to this ever changing landscape. This extended into: VoIP (since 2002), IP infrastructure, surveillance/AV, WAN connectivity and managed Security as a service.

Our longevity speaks to our adaptability.

With the experience we’ve had, we are often called in to assist other vendors. So if you have a particularly difficult or complex situation, we can either be pulled in to consult or be contracted to resolve the issue for you.

Our Services

Consultation – We take a holistic approach to your concerns, your needs and your solutions.

Coordination – We work closely with the IT department to come up with a plan that works, as well as a realistic timeline for execution.

Implementation – With a plan in place, we ensure all pieces are lined up and the established timeline is followed.

Management – After implementation, we follow through and make any adjustments necessary to ensure your satisfaction.